When Is It Time To Hire A Mananged IT Service Provider?

Posted on: 27 August 2020


As a business grows, there's a good chance that its computing needs will expand. Enterprises small and large often opt to outsource at least some of their work to a managed IT service provider. If you're starting to feel the crunch of dealing with IT issues, it may be time to consult with a managed service provider about your needs. Here are some indications it may be time to ask for outside IT help.

You're Spending Off-the-Clock Time Dealing With IT

Especially at smaller operations, there is a temptation to keep costs down by handling IT work on your own. You'll find that eventually leads you to the wrong side of the life-versus-work divide. It's one thing to be a bit tight with money and enterprising with your efforts in the early months of a business, but you'll find as your company matures that you simply can't spend this much of your own time dealing with IT problems.

The Numbers Just Make Sense

There are lots of things a managed IT service provider can do cost-effectively for their clients. For example, they often have bulk licensing agreements with major software providers that can keep your per-seat costs down. It's often more cost-effective, too, to have a third party show up on an as-needed basis rather than employing a staff member to handle the IT work.

Your In-House Person Is Ready to Quit

Even businesses with in-house IT people will hit certain limits. For example, an individual is going to have a brutal time trying to install new servers, desktops, and cables for a business. Similarly, rolling out security updates or new apps on many mobile devices can be a pain. If the IT person is just about done with the job, it might be time to get them some reinforcements.

This is an especially good idea when you need to ramp. You might, for example, need to conduct an audit of all the hardware and software running in a grocery store. Rather than having one person run to death trying to deal with over a weekend, it may be better to giving them some third-party assistance.

The Technology Is Beyond Your Grasp

Given how ubiquitous IT systems have become, it's often not easy to recognize the moment you're out of your depth. When you spend more time researching solutions than fixing them, it's time to let someone else do the heavy lifting. You can then focus on your business and doing what you do best.