The Basics Of In-House IT Services

Posted on: 23 October 2020


As a business owner, one of the things that you need to prioritize is your company's IT support. Every business owner must make the decision whether they will hire an in-house IT support staff or work with an outside contractor. Here's a look at a few of the reasons why your company should have an in-house IT support team on staff.

Controlled Costs

One of the biggest reasons why companies should hire an in-house IT staff is to help control their IT-related support costs. When you're relying on a contractor for this type of work, you can't predict the costs associated because you can't accurately predict when you will need that help. As a result, you're looking at expenses every time you need IT support.

With an IT support team on staff, you've got fixed costs. You can easily determine your total cost per employee based on salary, overhead, and other associated costs. Those costs won't change when there's an IT emergency, so you don't have to worry about incurring sudden, unexpected expenses.

Greater Security

Data security is essential, especially when your company has client information, intellectual property, and more to protect. When you work with an outside contractor to manage your IT services, there's always a risk of a data breach from the added system access. 

With an in-house IT support staff, your data access is well-controlled. You don't have to worry about outside access to your company's infrastructure and intellectual property. Everything will remain in-house, protected, and secured.

Timely Response

One of the best parts of having an in-house IT staff is the fact that you always have someone on staff who can respond to a threat, emergency, or another IT-related issue. You won't have to call and wait for someone from an outside contracting office to get back to you. Instead, you'll have someone there full-time to deal with what you need.

This is an important consideration because, when it comes to vulnerabilities, a faster response is important. The sooner you respond, the less damage and data loss you will have to worry about. Having someone on staff ensures fast response and data loss mitigation.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should have an IT support staff in-house. Understanding the many benefits can help you to justify the expense and the overhead associated with it.

To learn more about your options, contact a company that offers computer support services.