5 Ways IT Problems May Be Killing Your Business

Posted on: 28 November 2020


IT systems are among the most powerful tools available to many businesses. Your business IT infrastructure, though, may be doing more harm than good for your organization. If you're worried about getting the most from the technologies your company uses, here are 5 things business IT companies tell their clients to look out for.

Data Silos

A data silo in IT terms is a department that doesn't have any meaningful level of exchanges with other departments. For example, your sales department's data may be entirely isolated from the folks in marketing and receivables. Consequently, the decision-makers in the other departments might not be getting the bigger picture of what's happening at your company. The right business IT systems, though, can give key team members insights they wouldn't have previously been able to reach.

Aged-Out Software

Nearly every business now depends on at least some software. It's common for enterprises to lean on a policy best summarized as "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Unfortunately, this can leave software that's past its end of life lurking like an unexploded bomb. Hackers might find exploits involving software that manufacturers no longer will patch, or your systems may stop being compatible with more modern ones.

Lack of Automation

Many computing tasks lend themselves to automation, and lots of companies see automation as a competitive edge. If you're not automating simple tasks, such as sending out weekly marketing emails, you may be falling behind the pack. Automating such jobs will also free up your team's members to deal with more complex tasks.

Tech as an Impediment to Productivity

New tech has made people's lives better. One area where that personal betterment doesn't always line up with business processes, though, is productivity. Without regulation of the internet connections at your organization, employees may spend more time checking the social media feeds than getting work done. Fortunately, all business IT companies have the resources needed to help you limit your team's internet habits to what's productive.

Outdated Hardware

Improvements in computing power come at an incredible pace every year. Many folks find keeping pace to be difficult, and this can lead to complacency in the face of rapid progress. However, a business can benefit immensely from adopting faster network systems, more powerful processors, and more robust storage solutions. It's a good idea to conduct an annual review of your business IT needs to verify that your company's hardware is keeping up with the times.