Which IT Services Work Well In A Managed Model

Posted on: 6 April 2021


Knowing that a qualified person is available to address your company's computing needs can be a huge relief. While managed IT services offer lots of value, some folks aren't sure which services work best within this model. Customers frequently ask for help with the following four managed IT solutions.

Backup and Recovery

Especially given the benefits of storing backup copies of files offsite, there's a lot to be said for a managed approach. A third party can provide the infrastructure needed to securely make and maintain backups of your important files. Likewise, they can help you roll out recovered versions whenever there might be trouble.

Network Monitoring

Another service that works well with a managed approach is the monitoring of networks. There is usually value in monitoring a network from the outside and the inside. A managed IT services company can set up systems to see what traffic looks like from your end, and they also can monitor threats from the outside. If they see a spike in traffic, for example, they can examine it and see if it warrants more attention. They will also use automated systems to respond to threats in real-time, shutting down avenues for hostile parties before they can exploit anything.

Virtualized Platforms

Plenty of systems are not offloaded to virtualized platforms. A managed IT solutions company can help you with choosing and setting up a platform. For example, your HR department might want to have a payroll system available on a cloud-based platform to allow greater remote access. Your managed IT services provider will make sure the system is stable and secure so you can use it in the most seamless manner possible.

Many IT services work well in this model. For example, you might set up an automated help desk on a virtualized platform. Team members can log into the system from anywhere in the world and get answers quickly.

Mobile Device Management

With more and more mobile devices entering the work arena each year, it has become something of a rodeo to keep tabs on all of them. Managed IT solutions are usually designed to address the need to control company phones, tablets, and laptops.

For example, when you add a new hire, you'll want to hand them a phone that includes all of the apps your company requires. A managed IT services technician can maintain a digital image for a standard model of phone, and this can be installed automatically to provide a quick and simple deployment process.

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